The Pedralbes High School comits a Mobility Project which allows their VET students to perform a Training Workplace in a company abroad, specifically in the European Union.

The aims of this project are:

• Develop and extend the curriculum and professional experience of our students performing a training workplace in companies of other European Union countries.

• Develop a better understanding of European reality – language, culture, history, etc.

• Allow students to socialize and establish a relationship with companies abroad to improve their cultural and professional knowledge.

• Give a European dimension to vocational studies in our institution.

• Develop a better appreciation of European expectations of work and training programs, to demonstrate that they belong to a large European community of students and teachers.

Our school is involved in the PILE project (Comprehensive Plan of Foreign Languages), at secondary and vocational straining with the aim of promoting the learning of languages, particularly English. The purpose of this project is to teach part of our subjects in English using this language orally and also written. In addition, our school also teaches German and French as a second foreign language.

We organize a Technical Conference every year and as a part of this conference we try to involve experts to tell us the possibilities institutions offer for the students to make a staying abroad.

We involve students who have been selected for the Mobility Project to make an intensive language course of English or the language of the destination country. In this way we have an agreement with a language school that offers special courses for our students.

We are interested in promoting student exchanges in the sense of collaborating with foreign vocational schools who are interested in sending some of their students to our city and to collaborate with companies where our students do their internships. We choose schools based on providing vocational course related to studies of Computers and Networks, both VET (medium degree) and higher degree. This line can also affect learning Spanish by students.

We collaborate with institutions such as the Department d’Ensenyament (Regional Government of Catalonia) and Fundació BCN (Barcelona City Council). We present our students in their mobility projects.

We look for and request the necessary fundings so that our students have covered part of the expenses of the staying. We usually work within the Erasmus +.

We are interested as a teachers in the participation in courses and visits to schools abroad, always with the aim of improving the teaching resources and know other academic and profesional realities. In this way we have implemented the FP Dual and we want to learn from the experiences that other countries are carrying out