The Institut Pedralbes presents the 2022 edition of the Saint George’s Day Contest, an initiative aiming to encourage VET students to combine English and information and communication technologies in order to increase their linguistic competence but also to have some fun.

Below are the general rules of the contest.



All current VET (and PFI) students of the “Institut Pedralbes” are eligible to submit a work (web, program, videogame, presentation, animated story or audiovisual). Just one work per student will be eligible. Just one work per participant may be submitted.

Work requirements

  1. The work must be related to Saint George’s Day as celebrated in Catalonia.
  2. The work must be created with any technology taught in the “Institut Pedralbes”. Examples:
    • HTML, C, C#, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript or bash-like scripting languages
    • Unity/Unreal
    • Video edition tools
    • Office suite tools
  3. The work must use the English language. A limited number of words should be included in oral or written form. Minimum: 100. Maximum:500.
  4. The submitted work must be your own original work. Use of any elements that are not original will result in disqualification of a submission.
  5. The work cannot include content that is sexually explicit, violent, derogatory of any ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation, professional or age group, which violates any law, or which communicates messages inconsistent with the positive good will to which we wish to teach, as is stated in the school’s NOFC.
  6. While celebrating cultural heritage and caring for traditions and local celebrations is important, students should incorporate the values of inclusive societies, like equity represented in the stories and their characters. The legend of St. George provides an opportunity to change sexist stereotypes in order to transform society. Creative reinterpretations of Saint George, Cleodolinda and the Dragon are encouraged.
    The submission MUST comply with any other considerations included in the NOFCs that may be applicable in this activity.
  7. The work must be in digital format and have a maximum size of 500MB.
  8. The file to be submitted must be compressed and named according the following pattern:

The compressed file will include the work, instructions for installation and reproduction, if needed, and a text file named “text.txt” with a transcription of the text included in the work.


Submit your work by sharing it via the Institut Pedralbes Google Drive with BEFORE April 19th.


There will be four first-prizes: two prizes for GS, one for GM and one for PFI.
First-prize: the winner will receive a 50 EURO FNAC gift card.

Selection and notification of the winners

The jury will be constituted by at least three members of the VET department.

The jury will evaluate each application against four award criteria and score them as follows:

Complexity of involved technologies5
Use of English5
Creative reinterpretations of Saint George, Cleodolinda and the Dragon10

The winners will be announced in the last week of April 2022. The winners will be notified by means of the school email address.

Winners and their works

1st Prize GS Èric Álvarez (1r A3D)

Prize PFI Raúl Olivera (PFI-2)

2nd Prize GS Alejandro Ji (1r A3D)

General rules
(Downloadable version)


Èric Àlvarez (1r A3D)

Raúl Olivera (PFI-2)

Alejandro Ji (1r A3D)